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Dry Type Transformers

We are offering VPI technology Dry Type AN cooled, three phase, 50/60 Hz Copper Double wound, continuous duty transformers from 5 KVA to 2,000 KVA, up to 37.5 KV class with ‘H’ class insulation and designed to withstand short Circuit, Impulse& Dynamic Test and high operating temperatures.

Specification: As per IS 1171, 2026, etc(As applicable)
Product Range: 5 KVA TO 2,000 KVA
Rated Voltage:

  • H.V. : 3.3 KV to 37.5 KV etc.
  • L.V. : 230 to 11,000 V etc.

Cooling: AN
Installation: Indoor
Tapping: + 2.5 to -7.5% in steps @ 2.5% each - Off Circuit tapping links or as per customer’s requirement
Temperature Rise: 155/180ºC (or as per customer’s specification)


  • Comes with In-built safety feature
  • Resistance to Humidity
  • Enhanced overloading capability
  • Crack– Proof
  • Designed for Easy handling and installation
  • Saves Valuable floor space
  • Outstanding environmental protection
  • CTL, Rajasthan Lab Approved